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This lecture is for Magicians ONLY (all skill levels welcome)

Tony Junior's Zoom Events: "David Ferst"

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Topic: An Evening with David Ferst - the the human Google

Time: June 14th, 2021 07:00 PM London

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Meeting ID: 833 3126 8742

Passcode: 245665

An Evening with David Ferst - the Human Google, USA

A class you will always remember!

David Ferst, from New York, is not only a highly skilled magician but he prides himself on his finale to his gigs - remembering everyone's name, whether it's 1 or 100 - a feat he has been booked for alone.

'Have you forgotten a spectators name or perhaps a part of a routine - it is a skill is he willing to share with us!

Magicians who have visited New York may actually have met David, he worked in Tannen's magic store for over 2 decades. 

He's kept his secret to memory to himself for all these years and in the States, he charges $300.00 for these lessons - tonight, he will teach you for free.

Like many of us entertainers, David has been hit by the pandemic - and if you would like to tip him after his lecture, you are welcome to paypal a gift payment. This is purely on a voluntary basis.


David Ferst


All below events are free and are for magicians only (all skill levels)

The guests are already booked and will be announced at the beginning of each month.

Sunday 24th January - 8.00pm - Brice and Matteo from the USA

Monday 15th February - 7.30pm - Kozmo the Street Legend from the USA

Sunday 14th March - 7.30pm - Ryan Pilling, Canada

Monday 19th April - 7.30pm - Inaki Zabaletta, Argentina - as featured on Penn & Teller

Monday 3rd May - 7.30pm - Joe M Turner, USA - multi-award winning magician

Monday 14th June - 7.30pm - David Ferst, USA - the human Google

Monday 12th July - 7.30pm - our booked guest is to be announced in due course

Monday 9th August - 7.30pm - our booked guest is to be announced in due course

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