B Hank Marvin

A guitar instrumental tribute cabaret show to The Shadows and Hank B Marvin

B Hank Marvin
B Hank Marvin

I started playing the guitar when I was 14 years old, was self taught and heavily relied on my ear. I was introduced to The Shadows music and soon became a fan of their music and tried to mimic both Bruce Welch and Hank Marvin.  

As a Butlin's Redcoat I was asked to be part of their shows, that filled 2000 seater theatres and as well as being part of the entire show, I always had my own spot playing two guitar instrumentals. I also starred in many other of the Butlin's shows.

This continued on many of the holiday centres/parks i was a resident professional at, I would often feature in a show ​either performing magic or playing the guitar.

When I left the holiday park scene, I concentrated on the presenter, magic, Mr Santa Claus and children's entertainment aspect and the guitar took a back-seat.


During the UK lockdown, I dug out my guitar and gadgets and recorded a Shadows tune for my social media and before I knew it, I was receiving requests on a weekly basis from my friends and people who follow me on my social media sites. After recording 12 instrumental tunes, I realised that Hank Marvin and The Shadows were still very popular, so B Hank Marvin tribute was born. In this show I can either play all Shadows tunes or mix it up and add Gary Moore, Peter Green and many more.

The show name is simply because of Hank's name: Hank B Marvin 

A show with a difference that is ideal for Holiday Parks, Hotels, 40th/50th/60th/70th/80th birthdays.  

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B Hank Marvin